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            4.    縮小字體


              Mudanjiang Honglin chemical Co. Ltd. (Original name is Hongqi Chemical Factory) is stayed at the foot of the Jing Po Lake. Our company is the specialized manufacturer of drilling fluids thinner. It is an appointed chemical manufacture of China Petroleum and office of Petrochemical Corporation. Our products got the certificate of ISO 9001 in Oct. 2002 and also have the right to export our products by self-run. Our company takes up an area of 55 thousand square meters. Now the fixed assets have reach to 17.15 million and the sales value of production are about 50 million. There are 160 workers in the company including 34 R&D staffs and about 21% of them.


              Our company adheres to people-oriented, science-oriented managing mind. It can maintain the kinds of the customer’s need and emphasis to develop the production who the customers need, then suitable for the need of the new market .Our company strives for survival on the basis of quality, strives for development on basis of credit. We observes management philosophy “credit first, quality first, customer first”, servicing customers from all over the world .We welcome you from various circles to our company, welcome to Mudanjiang.


              • Chrome Lignosulfonate      
                Chrome Lignosulfonate
              • Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate
                Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate
              • Chrome free Lignosulfonate
                Chrome free Lignosulfonate
              • Chrome Lignosulfonate      
                Chrome Lignosulfonate

              1.Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate (FCLS)(Patent Number:ZL 2009 1 0311639.0)

              FCLS is a specially prepared thinner and fluid loss control agent used in drilling fluids. It has the characteristics of anti-high temperature and anti-salt etc. The products have been already reached SY/T5702-95 quality standard.

              2.Specifications of Chrome Lignosulfonate(Patent Number:ZL 2010 1 0300947.6)

              Chrome Lignosulfonate is one special kind of Lignosulfonate that used as drilling mud thinner. It can anti-high temperature, anti-salt and also can easily used with other mixture together. It is mainly suitable to drilling deep well on the condition of complex terrain and mineral content。

              3.Specifications of MH-ⅠChrome free Lignosulfonate(Patent Number:ZL 2009 1 0072632.8)

              MH-ⅠChrome free lignosulfonate is a thinner used in drilling fluids and fluid loss control agent. It has the character of anti-high temperature no-poisonous and anti-electrolytes and being used with other admixture agent etc. It is mainly suitable to the all kinds of muds.

              4.Specifications of Calcium lignosulfonate

              Calcium lignosulfonate (CALS) is a processed anionic surface agent with performance satisfactorily, it takes the by-product of second sulphate papermaking as raw materical. It has been used widely at construction 、ceramics and metallurgy etc.The CALS has advantages of a little volume to admixture, cheap price, used easily and improving the performance of concrete etc.

              5.Specification of Sodium Lignosulfonate

              Sodium lignosulfonate (SLS) is a processed anionic surface agent with performance satisfactorily, it takes the by-product of second sulphate papermaking as raw materical. It has powerful dispersive action and damping action. It has been used widely construction 、ceramics and agricultural chemical etc.

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